Engaging in the field of photography is not easy. It requires passion and dedication to last in this field. You must have the knowledge in terms of photography and the talent that a photographer must possess. You must have the courage into yourself to handle and solve the possible trials that you may encounter while you are engaging in this kind of living. Add a comment

Work with glass objects differs greatly from any other type of photography - we can’t directly distinguish an object with light like we do during a headshot photo shoot or another type of photography. Glass is transparent, so we see it mostly because of the refraction of light, not just because of its reflection. You need to keep this in mind when choosing a lighting scheme. Add a comment

The beauty of naked body has been a popular theme in art since ancient times. When working in Art Nu genre photographer uses his skill to show the natural beauty of the human body. Here we will consider shooting naked female body and give you several tips from the experts to help you choose the lighting for shooting naked body in your studio. Add a comment
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