Commercial photographers nowadays have to be very attentive to details. Advertising photography demands the highest level of technique and quality of images. So understanding the main principles of composition and light is important for your success.

Such kind of photography demands special equipment, but even using the best photo technique, advertising requires complex processing and correction. Obviously, such kind of work requires the capabilities of professional studios.

Why advertising shooting needs special operating conditions?

Professional photography of a single object can last for several hours. And all this efforts are made in order to catch just one frame of a second. But in this brief moment this thing becomes the center of the universe for the photographer. Everything revolves around it: light, shadow, composition and thoughts. Due to this advertising your photos easily catch the viewer's eye.

Advertising shooting is generally carried out in accordance to the detailed technical requirements, including a description of the plot, sketch, compositional features and rules, the requirements for props, style, colors and many other things.

What features of a studio are essential for advertising shooting?

For those photographers, who wish to rent a photo studio for advertising photography, it’s important to define what they need to complete the project. You should start from the topic of advertising project and consider the subject’s characteristics.

Advertising photos of the clothes

Shooting models for advertising clothes demands not only good equipment, but also such facilities as a dressing room, a waiting room and a toilet. Possibility to order the make-up service is also an important advantage.

Shooting foods

Likely for shooting foods you won’t need large spaces. Although this depends on your ideas - you may shoot not only the product itself, but special scenarios demonstrating advertised foods. Ideal items rarely are found, so you will need a service of a food-stylist. And you'll definitely need a kitchen, where foods for photography can be cooked and designed properly. It’s likely that you'll need to put some products in the fridge to maintain their attractive form, because your workday may last for too long.

What is special about photo shoot of cars?

If you are going to shoot cars, you'll need a lot of space. Your studio has to be a garage for at least two cars as this space is necessary for placing the car and your equipment. You’ll need a studio with appropriate characteristics if the advertisement you’re working on is in a retro style. Creating necessary settings from scratch can be very expensive.

Working with animals

It’s not that easy to create those photos where animals must be involved. Usually quiet animal may behave completely inappropriately during shooting. So it is better to discuss the possibility to shoot animals with owners of the studio and arrange the process carefully for avoiding troubles. The studio must have normal conditions for animals as this will help you to keep them calm.

Advertising photography gives an opportunity to earn good money and make your portfolio, so it’s really significant to find a perfect place that meets all your demands!