The beauty of naked body has been a popular theme in art since ancient times. When working in Art Nu genre photographer uses his skill to show the natural beauty of the human body. Here we will consider shooting naked female body and give you several tips from the experts to help you choose the lighting for shooting naked body in your studio.
You do not need a huge studio to make good photos in the Nu style. Still you need to have enough space to place a pair of light sources, the background and move far enough to shoot the model completely without using a wide-angle lens.
Sometimes the studio lighting is not required. Daylight from the window may become a good helper for making beautiful pictures. Also you may use only one source of light. Even the use of a conventional on-camera flash can be a good alternative. But if the studio with good equipment is available, let's consider three main schemes of placing sources of light.

The basic lighting scheme

This scheme is a good starting point for artistic nude photography. We use two light sources, directing them to the model at an angle of about 45 degrees. You should place the main light slightly above the model and it must have more power. The second source is the filling one, its intensity should be less. Place it below the main source. If you have only one source of light, use a normal reflector.

High-key lighting

To create an even and soft light, install two soft boxes directly in front of the model. One has to light from above and its power is higher. Another soft box is located below and has a slightly lower power. Light the background with two additional sources to make it pure white. Use two large black panels on both sides to separate the model from the background. This will create a slight darkening of the contour.

Low-key Lighting

Art Nu demonstrates the beauty of lines, shapes and curves. To create more depth and give the model sculptural features, set soft boxes slightly behind the model and turn them towards the camera. Experiment with the intensity of light of each source. To protect the lens from stray light use the lens hood. This technique is very good for working with a single light source to obtain abstract images.
Simple lighting schemes are usually better than complicated. Because you don’t want to miss the most exciting moments, constantly adjusting the lights! Before starting work with a model, you can try out some ideas for lighting on a dressed assistant. This will help to be fully prepared to take pictures without wasting time!