Which camera to choose among multiplicity? Professional SLR, Ultra Zoom, a full-size professional camera or maybe even a film camera?
For a start you probably should decide for what purpose you’re going to use the camera. There are many options, so let’s list some of them:
  1. when you need to photograph events or journeys, for your own use;
  2. if you’re seriously engage in photography, but don’t want to waste money on expensive cameras;
  3. if you want to work in commercial photography or become an art photographer;
  4. this item refers to the third one, cause it’s about film cameras.

Let's take a look at these options!

  1.      In this case any kind of camera could fit. The only limitations are the amount you are ready to spend and your demands for quality. Generally, the best option would be a digital camera with ultra zoom, because they work perfectly in almost all cases. These cameras are usually not large, but very functional and easy to use. The average cost of such device is around $ 300-400 depending on the manufacturer and model.p100 left edit
  2.      Compact low-cost SLRs (can also fit for 1st variant, but there is one drawback – the zoom is not high). This category of cameras is good for that they have a large matrix. Also a huge advantage is the ability to change lenses. It provides so many opportunities for art photography, because a wide range of shooting settings (including manual) is available. All these things in one camera give an incredible opportunity. Professional cameras are better than SLRs only by quality and speed. The cost of SLRs varies from $ 400 to 600.856049
  3.    These are professional SLR cameras with large or full-length light-sensitive elements (matrix). These cameras are used for commercial photography, have high resolution which makes possible to use the images for large format printing. Also professional SLRs usually have changeable optics. The best in this category are Nikon and Canon, always competing with each other. But there is one camera, which is better than these two - the full-length Hasselblad with the largest matrix. The cost of these cameras starts from $ 1,000 and reaches 48,000.  IMG 274494 D4 50 1
  4.     Film cameras are a bit unpopular today for taking pictures. It’s not comfortable to shoot, because then you have to wait long for the photos, unless you’re doing this for a purpose of a creative project. Photographers usually use film for the art photography. When working with a film the photographer should think carefully before making a shot, because everything must be perfect: composition, exposure and other details. If he makes a mistake - the shot is spoiled, that is impossible to find out immediately. Choosing this type of camera you need to understand that it’s not very easy, but very interesting way to create images.hasselblad-c500
When you define the suitable type of camera, you’ll need to choose the manufacturer and the model of desired camera. Here are some tips: don’t pay too much attention to the number of mega pixels, but carefully choose the lens, color rendition, ISO sensitivity and DPI if possible (the ideal is 300 dots per inch). Many photographers would advise to buy a used but a professional camera, because thus you will get a higher quality and won’t be limited by low functionality.