Having photo session outside is one of the works of a photographer. If you want to have a good result after your photo session outside you must consider the other things that can make your output more attractive to your possible customer.
There are some factors that you must consider while you are having your photo shoot outside. You can look for a shade that is close to a light source, because too much sunlight can ruin your photos but it also depends to your theme. If you can’t look a location with shade you can put the back of your subject from the sun it can also give you a good photo. Use your environment as your reflector to produce beautiful light for your subject, for example you can look a wall that is painted by white you can use this as your reflector if you are having photo session outside. The things that surround you can play a vital role in producing quality images it depends on how you use them and what will be their part in your photo. You can also consider the “magic hour” usually it is the time on hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset because the sunlight produces soft light that can be also a great factor in producing beautiful images but you must be aware that the light from the sun is changes fast. There are locations that can make you think that it is not good but if look around and see all the details around you, you can select an area that can give you a perfect photo. Focus on the eye of your subject because it is said that eye is the window of your soul, the eyes can communicate the viewers without saying any words. Shoot at portrait at 70mm because if you shoot below 70mm it can distort the image of your subject.

You must also consider the things or the equipment that you need while having photo session outside. You must have the checklist to the things that you need to bring that can play a vital role to get a quality image. Choose your camera bag properly, be sure that it has enough space and sections for your gadgets and it easy to bring. You must have camera body plus it’s backup. Prepare all the lenses that you need, make sure that all the batteries are fully charged and its battery charger. The memory cards, the lens cloth, GPS unit, black rapid R-strap, your strobes, the strobe cables and its wireless remotes. You must also bring the lighting kit, the light stands. The lighting bag must include the tripod, reflectors, monopod, power cables, extension cords and power strips, grip, sync cords, background stands, light modifiers, and also the umbrella.

Photo session outside needs preparation and you must have all the equipment to have an excellent images that can produce. It also depends on how you treat and use the other things to help you to get quality images for your customers.